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President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Cornell McClellan

Council Member

Fitness Consultant

PCFSN Council Member - Cornell McLellan

Cornell McClellan, member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, is a Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer to the First Family. He is also the owner of Naturally Fit, a training and wellness company in Chicago. He is on a mission to illustrate how fitness can be achieved through a holistic approach that enhances the mind, strengthens the body, and nurtures the spirit; he encourages achieving the proper balance in pursuit of a totally fit lifestyle.

He began his journey into the world of physical fitness more than 30 years ago, first as a karate student and later as an instructor. It was during his time as a coach for children in the sports of basketball and football that he realized his passion for activities involving both physical and mental discipline. His involvement with the physical fitness of youth continued throughout his career as he spent much of his time as a wrestling and fitness coach for neighborhood youth. This led him to the sport of weight lifting where he became a training partner for several weight lifting enthusiasts who went on to win titles for the Illinois Cup, Mr. Illinois, Mr. U.S.A., Mr. America, and Mr. Universe. This experience set the stage for his entrance into personal training. Having dabbled in so many different areas of fitness, he has a variety of perspectives that contribute to his extensive knowledge of the human body and nutrition.

Cornell McClellanHe has served on the international board for Earth Save, an organization founded to bring the world closer to a plant-based lifestyle and is a recipient of the 2002 Fit to Serve Service Award presented by the African-American Association of Fitness Professionals and the 2002 Award of Excellence presented by Creativity United, Inc.

Short Bio
  • Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer to the First Family.
  • Owner of Naturally Fit training and wellness company.
  • Spent 30 years in the world of physical fitness.

Fun Facts

  • icon of dads with his sonsI enjoy working out with my three youngest sons.
  • icon of moutain climberI like to climb mountains.
  • icon with a person mentoring a small kidI spend time mentoring young kids.
  • icon of a dogI used to raise horses and breed dogs.
Image of Cornell McClellan encouraging people to exercise

Cornell McClellan