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President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Cornell McClellan

Council Member

Fitness Consultant

PCFSN Council Member - Cornell McLellan

Cornell McClellan, member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, is a Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer to the First Family. He is also the owner of Naturally Fit, a training and wellness company in Chicago. He is on a mission to illustrate how fitness can be achieved through a holistic approach that enhances the mind, strengthens the body, and nurtures the spirit; he encourages achieving the proper balance in pursuit of a totally fit lifestyle. He began his journey into the world of physical fitness more than 30 years ago, first as a karate student and later as an instructor. His involvement with the physical fitness of youth continued throughout his career as he spent much of his time as a wrestling and fitness coach for neighborhood youth. This led him to the sport of weight lifting where he became a training partner for several weight lifting enthusiasts who went on to win titles for the Illinois Cup, Mr. Illinois, Mr. U.S.A., Mr. America, and Mr. Universe.

Full Bio
  • Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer to the First Family.
  • Owner of Naturally Fit training and wellness company.
  • Spent 30 years in the world of physical fitness.

Fun Facts

  • icon of dads with his sonsI enjoy working out with my three youngest sons.
  • icon of moutain climberI like to climb mountains.
  • icon with a person mentoring a small kidI spend time mentoring young kids.
  • icon of a dogI used to raise horses and breed dogs.
Image of Cornell McClellan encouraging people to exercise

Cornell McClellan