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Healthy Tips to Kick Off Your World Cup Viewing Party

Nutrition, Sports | June 16, 2014

By: PCFSN Communications

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway, which means the planning for your US men’s soccer viewing party might be underway, as well. If you want your viewing party to truly reach the caliber of the World Cup, try to maximize the nutrition of your finger foods without sacrificing taste. The tips and recipes below will help bring your viewing party to the next level and ensure that your guests stay healthy and happy throughout the big game.

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Masters athletes face unique physiological and nutritional challenges

Nutrition, Sports | June 13, 2014

By: Cornell McClellan, PCFSN Council Member

Regardless of age or level of ability, I am a firm believer that being healthy and fit should be a goal we all strive to achieve. For more than 30 years, I have coached and encouraged people of all backgrounds to take a holistic approach to personal wellness that enhances the mind, strengthens the body, and nurtures the spirit.

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