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Presidential Youth Fitness Program Supports Active Schools Nationwide

Fitness, Physical Education | January 24, 2014

By: Jayne Greenberg, PCFSN member & District Director of Physical Education and Healthy Literacy for Miami-Dade County Public Schools

An ultimate goal for parents, school administrators, and community leaders is to foster healthy environments that enable the next generation to reach their greatest potential. This includes providing them with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed both in the classroom and in life.

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NBA Tips Off 2014 With NBA FIT Live Healthy Week

Fitness, Youth | January 16, 2014

By: Otto Porter, NBA FIT Team member and Washington Wizards forward

To kick off the New Year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) teamed up with celebrity chefs, community members, and partners to tipoff the 2014 NBA FIT Live Healthy Week. Throughout the week, the NBA family—led by the NBA FIT Team—highlighted the importance of healthy living by being active, eating healthy, and playing together.

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