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Childhood Obesity, Let's Move!, Physical Activity, Physical Education, School, Youth | February, 28 2013

When I think back to my childhood years, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to have grown up in a community that placed such a great emphasis on engaging in regular physical activity. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I was tumbling at the age of 6, I was doing more than just having a good time – I was also creating healthy habits that will benefit my health and well-being for a lifetime.

As co-chair for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, I’ve been able to witness how far our country has come in combating childhood obesity. Still, with almost one in three children in our nation considered overweight or obese, we must continue to do more to create early, positive experiences for kids in sports and physical activity.

Today, I’m thrilled to help introduce Let’s Move! Active Schools, a comprehensive program that empowers school champions, such as P.E. teachers, classroom teachers, principals, administrators, and even parents, to create active environments that enable all students to get moving AND reach their full potential. 

Let’s Move! Active Schools is about creating enjoyable experiences for youth and integrating physical activity into their everyday lives. Schools have a great opportunity to encourage positive physical activity, and this program provides these schools with many customized resources to keep children active in five key areas:

  1. Physical education
  2. Physical activity during school
  3. Staff involvement
  4. Physical activity before and after school
  5. Family and community engagement

Integrating physical activity into everyday life not only develops healthier habits among youth, but has also shown to develop youth academically as well by increasing concentration and attention, improving attendance, and increasing overall academic performance. Everybody wins!

The quality of my life today would not be the same had I not been active as a child, and I know that is true for many of you, as well. So, let’s stand up for our nation’s youth, and let’s also dance, jump, kick and run for them; after all, we are all designed to move!

To learn more about the program, please to visit LetsMoveSchools.orgExit Disclaimer. With the help of communities across the country, we can ensure that all youth are attending active schools.

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