#CookWithTheCouncil - Misty Copeland's Black Bean Soup and Shrimp!

Nutrition | January, 13 2016

Looking for something to warm you up on a cold winter day? If you meet your daily quota for coffee or tea, try warming yourself up with a hot bowl of fresh soup. Council member Misty Copeland has shared her favorite black bean soup and shrimp recipe for those cold winter evenings.

This soup is sure to heat you up. The chili powder, red pepper flakes, fire-roasted tomatoes, and hot sauce provide an extra kick to send your taste buds into overdrive. Are you a vegetarian? Leave out the shrimp. If you are a meat lover, the black beans give the soup a hearty feel similar to beef stew. You’re bound to enjoy this hearty soup.

Try the recipe and tell us how you like it! Be sure to share pictures on Twitter. Tag @FitnessGov and/or hashtag #CookWithTheCouncil


Misty Copeland’s Black Bean Soup and Shrimp 

Serves 4


5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided

1 medium onion, finely chopped

4 garlic cloves, chopped, divided

2 tablespoons chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cumin


Black pepper

1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Zest and juice of 2 limes

1/4 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped

16 jumbo shrimp, peeled, deveined and butterflied


For the soup:

2 14-ounce cans black beans, rinsed and drained

1 14-ounce can diced fire-roasted tomatoes

5 cups chicken stock

Hot sauce, to taste



  1. Heat a medium soup pot over medium-high heat with 2 tablespoons oil. Add the onions, three-quarters of the garlic, chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, until the onions are tender, stirring frequently.
  2. While the onions are cooking, in a shallow dish combine the remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, lime zest, parsley and a little salt.
  3. Add the shrimp and coat them thoroughly in the mixture. Let the shrimp sit while you prepare the soup.
  4. Add the black beans to the skillet with the onions. With a potato masher or the back of a rubber spatula, smash half of the beans (the mashed-up beans will thicken the soup).
  5. Add the tomatoes, chicken stock and heavy cream (if using) to the pot, stir and turn the heat up a bit to bring the soup to a bubble.
  6. Once at a bubble, turn the heat back down to a simmer and let it cook for 10-12 minutes. Give the pot a stir every now and then to ensure that it is not sticking.
  7. While the soup is simmering, preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Once it’s hot, add the shrimp and cook 2-3 minutes on the first side. Flip the shrimp, add the remaining lime juice and cook another 2-3 more minutes or until the shrimp are opaque.
  8. Taste the soup and adjust the seasoning with salt, pepper and hot sauce. To serve, place a few ladles full of the soup in shallow soup bowls and stand 4 shrimp in the center of each bowl.

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