October - December 2014 - Nutrition

Holiday Meals to Share

Nutrition | December, 17 2014

By: Shellie Pfohl, PCFSN Executive Director

As we gather together to celebrate the season with friends and family, healthy meal options are always something I like to include as something lighter to enjoy! Some of my favorite holiday meals include simple ingredients with lots of flavor. PCFSN Council Member and award-winning chef, Dan Barber, shared some delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes, which are ideal for the winter months ahead.

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Orange You Glad It's Thanksgiving?

Nutrition | November, 21 2014

By: Shellie Pfohl, PCFSN Executive Director

Did you know that Rachael is a member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN)? She's joined by notable athletes, chefs, physicians, fitness professionals, and educators working to help Americans eat better and be more fit.

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