Full Year 2015 - Nutrition

How Breakfast Can Impact Our Future

Military, Nutrition, Youth | April, 15 2015

By: Lieutenant General (Retired) Mark Hertling, Member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Most people don’t start a long road trip without putting gas in the car. Yet, millions of parents send their children off every morning without ensuring they have had the equivalent of a full tank. We need to do a better job of fueling our children with a nutritious breakfast.

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Kick off Heart Month with a Healthy Breakfast

Nutrition | February, 12 2015

By: Hannah Torkelson, ORISE Fellow

February is American Heart Month and the perfect time to learn new recipes to stay heart healthy! As we look to start (or continue) a journey to better heart health, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition is excited to support individuals that have committed (or recommitted) to stay physically active and eat healthy! One way to accomplish your goals is start the day with breakfast. A favorite recipe, shared by PCFSN Council member and award-winning chef Dan Barber, is a quick and easy vegetable frittata. This delicious recipe is a great way to build new healthy habits into breakfast.

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